Lidiya Kilchenko, Environmental Youth Ambassador

Hello! My name is Lidiya Kilchenko, but I go by Lida. For the past year, I fulfilled the position as Nevada’s Environmental Youth Ambassador. I was privileged enough to travel to Gold Coast, Australia last summer in order to educate myself about the environmental complexities around the globe. Through networking, fun activities, and travel I learned about the similarities in environmental issues in Australia and Nevada. From plastic waste and recycling dilemmas to clean-water crisis, environmental problems are a global predicament. This summer I will assist the 2011 Environmental Youth Ambassador on a trip of a lifetime to Kassel, Germany where we will explore the advanced of modern environmental preservation technology. With the skills gained on this trip, the new Environmental Ambassador shall proceed to follow in my steps to educate Nevada’s youth on conscious environmental behavior in order to create an international movement for better future.

I am a senior at Advanced Technologies Academy, or Atech for short. I juggle being the president of two clubs at my school, a varsity sport’s captain, and a scholar. Next year, I hope to attend a college or university for biochemistry. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, oil painting, and being outdoors with friends. I am looking forward to answering any questions about my experience over the past year...Just leave me a question on this blog!

~ Lida