International Environmental Youth Campaign

Mission Statement

We seek to create a youth platform, dealing with sustainability, conservation and education. This will empower and enable children of all ages to learn basic knowledge and facts related to the effects of natural and human induced environmental change on the ecosystem and wildlife. They will learn about advancing environmental technologies and recycling toward preventing man made disasters. This is aimed at giving our youth a voice and vehicle by which they can help effect change in their local community, state, country and around the world, by increasing their scientific knowledge and understanding of the earth’s environment. It will promote conservation and preservation of diverse ecosystems that will make our world a better place for everyone in the future.

National Advisory Board Members

Justin King, J.D.

Justin King, J.D.earned his BA in 1964 form Willamette University, and a J.D. in 1967 from the University of Oregon School of Law. Justin served as Executive Director of the Michigan Association of School Boards for 21 years, working closely with local boards of education and individual board members and superintendents. He organized the Education Alliance of Michigan: 16 CEO’s of the major education related associations in K-12 education (including charter schools) and higher education. Mr. King also organized and served as President of the Michigan Foundation of Education Leadership, which annually sponsors The Governor’s Education Summit, chaired the National School Boards Association (NSBA) Executive Directors’ Liaison Committee, and served on the NSBA Board of Directors. He served on the Michigan Society of Association Executives (MSAE) Board of Directors, and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2006. Mr. King was also Chairman of the Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) Board from 2000-02, and he served as Chairman five times on the Michigan Council of Local Governments Board.

LeRoy Perry, D.C., C. Ped.

Marcel Dr. LeRoy Perry is a chiropractor and innovator in sports science, and has designed many healing therapies as well as special exercise equipment used today by our U.S. military. His inventions are an integral part of patient care at the West Los Angeles- based International Sportscience Institute (ISI) and the Elizabeth Taylor’s Aquatic Center of which he is the president and founder.

Dr. Perry was the first chiropractor to serve as an official Olympic Team Doctor, and did so five times. He has treated athletes from more than 45 countries, and during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, NBC featured a report on his work. He was a team doctor for the Soviet Team during the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo Japan. At those closing ceremonies he was honored by the Soviet Team for his many years of helping their athletes by carrying their flag. This was the last time the Soviet Flag was ever carried in a public athletic event. Dr. Perry was an official Olympic Team Doctor for the Russian Olympic Team during the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. He has won many civic awards, including the Los Angeles Press Club’s Headlines Award in 1983. In 1995, Los Angeles Magazine named him “Best Chiropractor in Los Angeles.”

Education, Degrees and Licenses:

Eneslow Pedorthic Institute in association with New York College of Podiatric Medicine
Pedorthist - Certificate # 10439, May 2004
State Athletic Commission # lS8626, 1990, 1992 (Boxing) Doctor
Los Angeles College of Chiropractic - Post Graduate Division, Orthopedics March, 1975/ April, 1977 Board – Qualified Chiropractic Orthopedist – 1977
Los Angeles College of Chiropractic - Sept. 1968/ June 1972 Doctor of Chiropractic - Degree, 1972
Internship at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic - 1972
Chiropractic License # C287 – Idaho, 1972
Chiropractic License # 10911 – California, 1972
Obstetrical Assistant to Dr. Ettinghausen, D.P.M. - Feb/ June, 1971
Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, - Sept/December Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology 1968
Chabot College - Hayward, California Associate of Arts Degree

With co-founder Wilt Chamberlain, Dr. Perry also created the Foundation for Athletic Research and Education, a 501-c-3 nonprofit foundation which is an organization that teaches athletes and non-athletes how to enhance performance/improve the quality of their lives through proper diet, exercise, and biomechanics.

Randy Robison

Randy Robison is the owner and president of Capitol Strategies, a full-service government and legislative affairs advocacy and consulting firm. Randy has been a lobbyist and government affairs consultant in Nevada since 1997. He has worked extensively at the state and local level and has experience at the federal level as well. He has represented interests in a variety of industries including: local government, land development, the casino industry, public education, small businesses, financial institutions, public utilities, and professional licensing boards. He has developed strategic relationships with key elected officials and agency personnel, allowing him to provide clients a full-range of government affairs and legislative advocacy services, specifically designed to responsibly and successfully achieve client objectives.

Wilson SooHoo

Wilson SooHoo, M.D. is a senior physician of The Permanent Medical Group, located in Sacramento, CA. After completing his training at The University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center, he served as Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston and was a founding member of the Pulmonary Pathology Society. He is a member, and former Subcommittee Officer, of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), where he helped author the first specifications and testing standards for pole vault safety equipment, including landing systems and headgear. He has co-authored publications in human development and developmental diseases, cancer medicine, cardiovascular disease and trauma medicine.

Shirley Thornton, Ed.D.

Shirley Thornton, Ed.D. holds degrees from San Francisco State University in Biological Sciences (BA), Counseling (MA), and credentials in teaching, counseling, and administration. Her Doctorate of Education is from the University of San Francisco in Curriculum and Instruction. She also graduated from the Command and General Staff College, US Army Reserves, and retired a full Colonel, having served as a Detachment Commander for the Selective Service Branch, and lastly as a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

From 1985 to 1995 Dr. Thornton served as Deputy Superintendent of the Specialized Program Branch, California Department of Education. From 1995-1996 she served as Director of San Francisco Public Housing. Dr. Thornton resigned her position as a tenure-tracked Associate Professor with the California State University, Sacramento campus, in 2000 to become the Senior Vice President and National Director of the Schools Division of the America’s Schools Program, a program created to partner with corporate America and bring a new funding source to the K-12 education system in America. As an adjunct Associate Professor at California State University, Sacramento’s School Of Education, in the Educational Administration and Policy Studies Department, Dr. Thornton retired in 2009. Dr. Thornton owns Thornton Educational Services, a consulting firm which specializes in assisting school districts and individual schools in providing quality education for all students, but specifically, students of color and poor students who are the ones most at-risk of academic failure. Dr. Thornton’s textbook, Transforming Schools, Finding Success For Students At Risk Through Systemic Change, is a practical guide that gives a clear process for improving troubled schools.

Eva White, Ed.D.

Eva White, Ed.D. is a valuable asset to education in the Clark County School District, Nevada. In addition to having her Doctorate in Education, she has a strong sense of wanting to see each and every child have access to the best education possible. A list of her accomplishments follows.

July 2003 to Present - Clark County School District - Las Vegas, NV
     Assistant Regional Superintendent/Academic Manager, Area Service Center 3
October 2009 to October 2010 – FIT - Las Vegas, NV
     Co-Director of Education, Standards of Excellence
June 2009 to Present - National Association of Professional Development Schools
     Co-Senior Editor, School-University Partnerships: The Journal of the National Association for      Professional Development Schools
June 2009 to Present - Regis University - Las Vegas, NV
     Instructor: Administration of School Operations
               Ethical & Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Education
               Human Growth & Development
               School Finance
               Selection and Supervision
               Supervision of Instruction
March 2006 to Present - NOVA University - Las Vegas, NV
     Instructor: Educational Budgeting and Finance
               School Leadership & Support Programs
January 2006 to Present - Kingman Unified School District - Kingman, AZ
     Consultant, Human Resources Division
January 2005 to Present – Instructor Sierra Nevada College - Las Vegas, NV

Nevada Summit & Environmental Curriculum Development Team

  • Eva White - CCSD
  • Mary Pike -CCSD K-12 Curriculum
  • Kris Carroll - CCSD K-12 Curriculum
  • Judy Myers - CCSD Partnership office
  • Dr. Shirley Thornton - National School Boards Representative

Nevada Environmental Campaign Advisory Board Members

  • Randy Robison
  • Dr. Eva White
  • Gayle Rogers
  • Senator Joyce Woodhouse
  • Senator Michael Schneider
  • Lydia Kilschenko - Environmental Ambassador
  • Dr. Shirley Thornton

Selection Committee - Environmental Youth Ambassador

  • Kris Carroll - CCSD K-12 Curriculum
  • Judy Myers - CCSD Partnership office
  • Dr. Shirley Thornton - Int Environmental Youth Campaign
  • Lydia Kilchenko - Youth Ambassador

International Consultants

  • Noah and Hayley Tauche - Germany
  • Hans Largerqvist - Sweden
  • Antti Kalliomaki - Finland
  • Rod Dixon - New Zealand