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The Fashion Trashion Show

The Fashion-Trashion Show competition is looking for a corporate brand name partner seeking guaranteed on-campus visibility to every kindergarten-12th grade student. The Fashion-Trashion show is a fun and exciting hands-on project and is a perfect opportunity for a national or international corporation to brand itself year round in all grade levels and all areas of the country. It will keep the students focused not only on environmental issues but also the name of the brand or retailer throughout the school year.

Fashion Trashion Environmental Contest Guidlines


  1. Students of all high schools, middle schools and elementary schools will be invited to enter the Nevada Fashion-Trashion Show contest.

  2. Students participate by creating outfits made entirely from materials that would otherwise be in the trash. The goal is to create interesting, fashionable and usable outfits from salvaged materials.

  3. Each school will hold its own Fashion-Trashion Show and will choose up to three winners to represent the school at the Environmental Youth Summit on May 21, 2011 at the Colelge of Southern Nevada. The Environmental Youth Summit will showcase all contestants. Winners will be chosen at the high school, middle school and elementary school levels.

  4. Winners will receive exciting prizes.

The Fashion-Trashion Show is a fun and creative way to engage our youth to seek innovative ways to have a positive impact on the environment.