Campaign Overview


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We believe that the main obstacle to improving environmental conservation, sustainability and education is our inability to teach our youth from a young age the importance of these issues. This inability is caused by lack of a common vehicle to distribute the vast fund of knowledge that currently is split amongst multiple organizations, many of which are non-profit and without major funding for marketing and awareness. Each of these organizations is a treasure trove of knowledge – many THE source of knowledge – within its own arena. Moreover, our youth are scattered throughout vast varieties of school districts, communities and cultures throughout the hemisphere.

The International Environmental Campaign will be a common portal of information between the currently scattered environmental organizations and our geographically and culturally scattered youth. It will distribute information, educate and update our youth on conservation and sustainability. Conversely, our youth would be able to use this single portal to access information from all of the scattered environmental organizations. The portal will also make the tools available for our youth to use their newly acquired information to further educate themselves and those around them.