Jet Recycling America commits 5% royalty <br />to help fund youth campaign! Plastic constitutes 90% of all rubbish <br />floating in the world’s oceans. Of the 50 billion bottles of water sold<br /> each year 80% end up in a landfill. Researchers from Southern California Coastal<br /> Water Research Project found that 35% of fish <br />they collected in the northern Pacific 
	<br />Ocean had plastic in their stomachs. 80% of consumer plastics end up in our <br />landfills, oceans, rivers and forest areas This 80% can now be converted <br />into consumer end products Plastics are now killing our wildlife <br />and our ocean resources This same plastic can now be converted into <br /> marinas, boardwalks and ocean pilings Marine life in our oceans is already<br /> permanently infected with plastics But we can start converting waste plastic <br /> into consumer and industrial products Jet Recycling America has the answer! No handling, no washing or pre-sorting required Over 26 billion water bottles are <br />generated every year in U.S alone 86% of these plastic water bottles that <br />end up in our landfills are never recycled 1,500 Plastic Water bottles are thrown <br />into our garbage every second! JRA Recycles all plastic grades into over <br />200 useful consumer and industrial products

JET Recycling America, Inc.

JRA is seeking to establish itself as one of the most innovative plastics waste recycling technology in the America’s. JRA has acquired the world’s most sophisticated plastic waste processing technology that allows all of the various plastic classes to be recycled together.

JRA technology bypasses many of the problematic issues associated with traditional methods, as very little sorting is required, human handling is kept to a minimum, and all of the plastic waste received can be utilized in the same recycling process that results in zero carbon and harmful chemicals emissions. The entire process results in no residual waste materials; - for every pound (or ton) of mixed-waste plastic that is processed by JRA technology, a pound (or ton) of useable end-product is created.

It is JET Recycling America's intent to build the world’s most technological advanced waste plastic conversion plant in Las Vegas, Nevada. This single plant will become the national standard for waste plastic disposal for the Americas, with duplicate plant soon following throughout the hemisphere.

The US - EPA has guestimated it will take 8000 JRA machines working 24/7 to keep up with plastic waste output in America.

JET RECYCLING AMERICA - Converting Waste Plastics Into Dollars For Environmental Education