Jet Recycling America commits 5% royalty <br />to help fund youth campaign! Plastic constitutes 90% of all rubbish <br />floating in the world’s oceans. Of the 50 billion bottles of water sold<br /> each year 80% end up in a landfill. Researchers from Southern California Coastal<br /> Water Research Project found that 35% of fish <br />they collected in the northern Pacific 
	<br />Ocean had plastic in their stomachs. 80% of consumer plastics end up in our <br />landfills, oceans, rivers and forest areas This 80% can now be converted <br />into consumer end products Plastics are now killing our wildlife <br />and our ocean resources This same plastic can now be converted into <br /> marinas, boardwalks and ocean pilings Marine life in our oceans is already<br /> permanently infected with plastics But we can start converting waste plastic <br /> into consumer and industrial products Jet Recycling America has the answer! No handling, no washing or pre-sorting required Over 26 billion water bottles are <br />generated every year in U.S alone 86% of these plastic water bottles that <br />end up in our landfills are never recycled 1,500 Plastic Water bottles are thrown <br />into our garbage every second! JRA Recycles all plastic grades into over <br />200 useful consumer and industrial products