Join us! One Planet, One Mission. One Youth Campaign that effectively delivers everyone's individual message worldwide. Become an environmental or corporate partner contributor in this mutually beneficial program. Deliver your environmental message<br /> and calling to the world’s youth. Working together as a collective we can make a real impact on the environment never before seen. Join us! - By becoming a contributing partner

Welcome to the International Environmental Youth Campaign

The International Environmental Youth Ambassador Campaign provides both the tools and resource delivery system to establish an environmental “United Way” that will help educate and inspire the world’s youth on today’s and tomorrow’s environmental issues threatening our planet.

The International Environmental Youth Ambassador Campaign achieves this by establishing a single communications portal and opportunity for high-quality environmental organizations and corporations to share their unique expertise and share their knowledge on sustainability, conservation and health educational issues with the world’s youth. The Campaign accomplishes this with a high-profile environmental contest geared towards students in conjunction with programs integrated with the international campaign. This serves as a collective group delivery system that benefits the participating partnering organizations under this single educational group effort to enlighten and inspire the world's youth on environmental issues that threaten our planet today and tomorrow.

Major Campaign Focus

The single largest Global Environmental Man-Made Disaster in the world today is plastic waste. Want to know the facts/problems and solution? Over 80% of the world’s waste plastics ends up in landfills or our ocean, killing our wildlife and disrupting our food chain. New and alarming health hazard issues with direct links to consumer plastics are discovered almost daily. Plastics in our food packaging and consumer product industries are now being directly connected to an increase in multiple diseases that are a by-product of "plastic toxins" that result in an increase in a wide variety of cancers and other debilitating disorders.